I’m afraid we don’t have a title for this. 

​ @Social _loner I remember  less and less Mostly thing that I regret.  In my phone are several          Several texts from guys I've never met And in my pocket         Are only coins... Continue Reading →



I'm not the only one complaining about this. In fact, cases of people trying to finish others will automatically grab a few inch columns in the dailies, locking out 'bigger and better' scandals that ought to be out in the... Continue Reading →

Kicking 18

26•01•2016.  I am quite beside myself. Happy. Not wild, up-in-the sky happy, but ordinary, peaceful, content.  If it were a Marvel movie, it would have started this way.  18+ years down the drain. Somewhere in Nyeri,Central Kenya,Tumutumu hospital to be... Continue Reading →

I stand with Kenya 

​I stand with Kenya.Being Kenyan is enough reason for me to do so.Without thinking my mind lame, I can comfortably generate a list about a mile and a half long, giving indisputable reasons why my heart will never stop loving... Continue Reading →

Miss Grocer

You're lucky to make it home before 5.You steer your Escalade EXT into your compound but not before tossing all the local dailies to your gateman.Going by all the conversations you've had virtually on every single topic,you've come to realise... Continue Reading →

Holy Woes

.You can bet your entire year's salary that you saw the praise leader shmoney and dab at some point. To hit the ever fat megajackpot, you'd also add that had the session been added 57 seconds, she'd have twerked with profound expertise... Continue Reading →


Wait,brothers and sisters.Wait till I finish combing books.Wait till Prof/Eng/Dr come unsolicited before Nelson err Ciryan.Wait till piny ngima acknowledges this scholar.Then I'll begin quoting big names.Mahatma, yes.And even bigger names will be quoting me. Wait till my backyard's full.My... Continue Reading →

The Duel

It was one of those Saturdays when the creepy M.O.D gave us an orenous task of staying in class for two extra hours.Two hours is such a long time putting into consideration the fact that nothing important happens during this... Continue Reading →


I'm awed by how drastical changes take place.Some are damn clear while others pass unnoticed. Being a keen observer, I am always fascinated by almost everything that takes place around me.There's no way I'll let something new pass my radar.... Continue Reading →

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